Bits and Extras 

The beauty of having a hand built model is that you can customise the model in the making of the model... you can ask for extras such as sign written stickers, you can have it weathered, additional digging buckets or a choice of 3 sizes fitted to your model.
Looks good, a 1963 JCB3, looks like its had a hard working life.       The 1964 JCB3C looks its had a hard life as well.             The weathering can be done to order by Luke Martin.   contact me for details.  

How about a K2 diesel pump, seen here fitted to my HY-MAC 580C.


Wheelbarrow set with shovel, forks, pickaxe, and hammer.

These can be supplied either in kit form or painted as the photo shows.


All items are 1/35th scale