1963 JCB 3                            1964 JCB 3C                            1965 JCB 3C


1965 JCB 3                          1964 JCB 4                           1968 JCB 3C mk2                 1970 JCB 3C mk2


1970 JCB 3D Mk2              1970 JCB 4D mk2               1975 JCB 2D mk2               1975 JCB 3C mk2     


1975 JCB 3D mk2                           1977 JCB 3C mk3                                 1977 JCB 3D mk3               

                                                                         1985 JCB 3CX                                        1988 JCB 3CX                       

 All models are made to a scale of 1/35th and cast in metal alloy. please contact me for more info and prices using the contact us form.


Many years ago, i started out making 1/25th scale JCB's, they were in fact my signature model... in 2008 i stopped making them due to the costs involved, the last 1/25th scale i made was for Flannerys of west London, and that was Christmas 2009, now i can offer you 1/25th scale JCB, custom built to your specification.. they are costly, but i think you will agree they are an investment, and even though i say so myself, they look dam good. Contact me for a quote.


I can produce any mk2/mk3 JCB backhoe loader for you, just look at all this detail, rubber tyres, rubber flexible hoses, working steering, working extradig,working 6in1 front bucket, and as time has gone by so has my 1/25th scale JCB's evolved, as new ways of moulding has come along and new ways and products ....  and dont forget you will commission this model, its not part of a mass produced production line